Ultrasound Diagnostic Services

Vascular Care WA has our own in-house integrated and noninvasive vascular ultrasound service provided by a highly experienced specialist vascular sonographer, Mr Simon Prout from Sono Diagnostic. 

This service is provided at Dr Stanley's consulting rooms at the Mount Hospital. Having our own dedicated service allows us to maintain the highest quality imaging technology, resulting in accurate diagnosis, planning and management of the patient's vascular condition. Our patients have access to a convenient, comprehensive and accurate specialist vascular diagnosis and reporting system for the management of their venous and arterial vascular conditions to ensure the best health outcomes.

Vascular Care WA Ultrasound diagnostic services

All of our diagnostic ultrasound and Doppler Scans are BULK BILLED with NO out of pocket expense to the patient and allows the patients to have multiple tests booked on any one day. 

Services offered on-site include Ultrasound and Doppler scans for:

  • Carotid Arteries
  • Aorto-iliac Arteries
  • Upper and Lower Limb Arteries
  • Lower Limb Veins – DVT Study
  • Lower Limb Veins – Venous Incompetence / Varicose Veins
  • Upper Limb Veins
  • Graft and Stent Surveillance
  • Renal/Mesenteric/Splanchnic Arteries
  • Portal Veins
  • Ovarian Veins
  • Pelvic Congestion Assessment
  • Evaluation for Dialysis Access
  • Evaluation and mapping of veins/arteries for bypass grafts
  • Ankle Brachial Indices
Patient Information

Patients will be required to bring in their :-

  • Medicare Card 
  • Referral from their GP.

Prior to an ultrasound scan, patients are required to FAST for a minimum of 6 hours. Please do not smoke, consume dairy or chew gum during fasting.

You may drink fluids such as water, black tea or black coffee only. Consume NO sugar or sweeteners and take medications as normal.

If you have any queries in relation to your ultrasound examination please contact our rooms on (08) 9481 0455.

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