Initial Consult Information

Please bring to the first appointment with Dr Brendan Stanley at Vascular Care WA:

  • Referral letter (or your GP can to Fax it to us on (08) 9481 0045)
  • Medicare card
  • Private health insurance details
  • Concession cards - Pension card or DVA card
  • Relevant reports, test results or scans that referring Doctors have ordered
  • Medications (and dose) that you are currently taking

On arrival, our friendly secretarial staff will ask you to fill out a Patient Information Form which we ask you to sign. This will give Dr Stanley consent to share relevant medical information with other clinicians involved in your treatment.

At the first consultation visit with Dr Stanley he will take a comprehensive medical history, discuss your current condition and conduct a physical examination. Dr Stanley may need to examine your neck, arms, abdomen, legs and feet therefore you should wear suitable clothes so that you feel comfortable.
Dr Stanley may need to organise further tests such blood tests, CT scans and ultrasounds in order to make a treatment management plan which he will discuss with you.

Our practice will claim the Medicare fee for you online.

Dr Stanley is a “No Gap” provider for privately insured patients, DVA patients and inpatient services.

Cancelling an appointment

We ask if you need to cancel an appointment with Dr Stanley that you ring our rooms on (08) 94810455 at least 24hrs before so that we can organise to reschedule the appointment and offer that time to other patients.