Patient Resources

Care of Patients at Vascular Care WA The staff at Vascular Care WA have genuine care for patients and will always treat them with dignity and respect.

Every patient is treated in a professional, sincere and kind manner with a commitment to listen to their concerns, values and needs when planning medical care and treatment.

All patients medical records will be held with the strictest confidentiality and privacy, according to our Privacy Policy at Vascular Care WA. Vascular Care WA is a practise focussed on an impeccable work ethic and strong moral guidelines in the delivery of medical care. Our management plans incorporate professional accountability of all staff and ensure the implementation of patient safety in their care plan.

Dr Brendan Stanley has an attentive, friendly and calm manner which immediately sets his patients at ease. His professionalism and dedication is evident when he takes time to discuss with patients their condition and treatment options in a way that shows empathy and understanding. Dr Stanleys patients can be reassured that he has the highest level of experience and outstanding technical ability in both diagnosing and performing simple to incredibly complex vascular procedures. They can be assured that they are in the best of hands.

Vascular Care WA is a practise that collaborates with many highly skilled specialist teams. Dr Stanley’s best practise health outcomes lies in working with these teams of accomplished individuals who promote positive and effective communication and encourage respect for the role and expertise of all involved in the care of his patients. This strengthens job satisfaction, effective communication, improves decision making, accurate diagnosis and ensures quality patient safety.

Dr Stanley prioritises his patients to enable them access to his highly skilled and accomplished medical training and knowledge by ensuring that financial diversity has a minimal impact on his availability to them. All patients will have transparency in relation to health costs. Dr Stanley is a NO GAP DOCTOR and as such all hospital procedures provided by him are fully covered by private health insurance. Public patients can have a consultation with Dr Stanley and he is able to admit and treat them in the public hospital system.

Dr Stanley was involved in an advisory capacity to help develop the first private Hybrid operating theatre in Perth at the Mount Medical Centre. This state of the art facility incorporates the most advanced equipment and technologies available to obtain the best outcomes with the least risk to the patient. Dr Stanley was the first surgeon to operate in the new Hybrid theatre and performs 90% of his patient operations in this outstanding facility. Dr Stanley performs very complex vascular surgery in the Hybrid theatre some of which requires both an open surgical procedure and an interventional component within the same setting.

An important component of any successful business is to evaluate outcomes at all levels of the practise. Dr Stanley maintains a continual audit peer review through the ANZSVS audit program and maintains assessment of the highest surgical standards through the RACS continual professional development.


Dr Stanley welcomes any patient feedback which will be used to evaluate and continually improve the quality of health care delivery.

VASCULAR CARE WA doppler scan and ultrasound diagnostic service.

Vascular Care WA has our own in-house integrated and noninvasive vascular ultrasound service provided by a highly experienced specialist vascular sonographer, Mr Simon Prout from Sono Diagnostic. 


This service is provided at Dr Stanley's consulting rooms at the Mount Hospital. Having our own dedicated service allows us to maintain the highest quality imaging technology, resulting in accurate diagnosis, planning and management of the patient's vascular condition. Our patients have access to a convenient, comprehensive and accurate specialist vascular diagnosis and reporting system for the management of their venous and arterial vascular conditions to ensure the best health outcomes.